Sunday, September 11, 2011


As I watched Jorge Posada strap on the “Tools of Ignorance” and clasp the throttle to run out and assume the position, one simple thought infiltrated my mind:  What if?  What if Posada had self-conditioned over the winter to catch at least on a part time basis?  Last night,  he obviously exhibited the same physical attributes that propelled him to be the starting catcher for the last 13 years.  

Jorge is certainly a stubborn person and stands his ground, but this same fortitude rendered him a selfish player during spring training. I know he was recovering from a concussion and had to absorb the bad news of no longer being the starting catcher and now was relegated to be the full time designated hitter.  In spite of making 13 million dollars this season, Posada demonstrated indifference to the Yankees - especially, when he asked out of the lineup.

I could only imagine the stress he and his family endured over the health of their son and the multiple surgeries.  Not many could identified or even begin to understand the journey that he was presented with.  However, I do understand the sense of powerlessness one can feel, not being able to make a difference for a sick family member.  All this could serve as the root cause for a meltdown.

Jorge, I know you cherish the Yankees and honor the pinstripes, but every aspect of our lives has a level of mortality.  What’s going to happen after the last out of your baseball career and donning the pinstripes is no longer an option?  That’s why playing to best of your abilities this final year was important, not only to carry out your legacy as a Yankee, but also to express gratitude to the fans that have enjoyed watching you play.  Perhaps, even more essential in the final season as a Yankee, was for your son to have seen you catch a couple of times a week. Considering the stress Jorge Jr. underwent this year, he would have appreciated watching his dad catch, and what a better way for you to validate your Yankees’ legacy and pinstripe pride with your bat and glove.

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