Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Humbling Feeling

When I started the quest to study milestones in baseball, I did not comprehend at the time the volume of research required to grasp a real understanding for the history in the game – there is so much more…. I’m an avid baseball fan and watching games almost daily is part of the equation, but what I enjoy and interpret about the game is entirely in front of me: The game itself. To actually feel the pulse of the game, one must dig deep into the world of stats as well as the rich history, and the evolution of the rule book. Now, I’m not planning to become a geek of sabermetrics or a scholar on the history of the game, but certainly enough to acquire a better understanding.  After all these years and through blogging, I‘m now captivated with the history and stats of the game – numbers provide objectivity.

Thus, part two (500 home runs) of my three part series is taking a little longer than expected. Home runs in baseball are more pronounced and are paramount to the game.

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