Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Grand Slam With Mythical Prestige

I happen to be working late on Tuesday night and missed the chance to watch Alex's history making grand slam, as he tied Lou Gehrig's all-time record. This could be the ab-bat to springboard alex forward and induce a home run trend.  One powerful swing provided a flashback to a time when Alex displayed a relentless superiority with his extempore show of power. Although, AROD's speed and power are no longer in abundance - he can still imposed his will and dramatically change the outcome of a game.  

On June 10, 1934, vs the Philadelphia Athletics, the Iron Horse tied Ruth for the most grand slams with 16 and surpassed him with his 17th on July 5, 1934 - to take sole ownership of the GRSL record.  Gehrig hit the 23rd GRSL of his career on August 20, 1938, of pitcher Buck Ross from the Philadelphia Athletics, a record unrivaled in 74 years. He hit eleven of the twenty-three grand slams in the legendary Yankee Stadium, and was most dangerous with the four baggers in the first, third, fifth and sixth innings - where he hit 17 GRSL.  

Rodriguez has joined company with one of the most celebrated yankees.  Twelve of his twenty three grand slams have either tied or put his team ahead and three have been of the walk-off variety.  Alex has been one of the most productive hitters with the bases loaded and not even this year's struggles (2 for 11) will dampen his lofty credentials:  .345/.391/.703 with 23 GRSL and 261 RBIs, while producing a lofty 1.094 OPS.  Alex, also bested Ruth and tied DiMaggio with the second most GRSL as a Yankee at 13.  With 1,923 RBIs on the right side of the ledger, he has a real chance at challenging Hank Aaron (2,297) for the all-time RBI record.  A doable feat considering he's only short 374 RBIs and has 5 plus years to play.  Assuming he attains another 40 RBIs this season, then, he would only have to average 67 RBIs for the remainder of his contract.  

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